Create Invoice / Pre Order that is ready in dashboard ahead of sale?

here is my problem:

I need to spend as very little time as possible creating a square invoice for processing as I want to use the square terminal for a service technician that will do services remotely.

Can’t I make a invoice / order in the background and have it ready in the dashboard so it can be further edited in the field so a service technician doesn’t have to manually type in details like “email address” “address” of the customer.

website form --> creates Square Order - Unfulfilled --> Time Takes Place… Things Get added to Order --> Order is Assembled in a invoice --> It gets Assembled and Updated & Presented to customer via Dashboard to be paid for all ready to go except for the “extra details” that may have been added to the initial invoice.

is this possible?

Of course I have the website form saving customer details that gets created as a customer in the dashboard from the api very easily
I would love it so I can make a invoice in the background that is “half done” ready to be paid for.

I don’t see a way of making a invoice in the background (api)
I don’t see a way of making a estimation / quote in the background (api)

what are my options you think? Do I bar code all the products so a invoice can be generated with a scanner in the field?

I wish I could do more than just create customers in the api that are instantly visible in the dashboard.

Update: wow. I am blown away by how powerful the app is. I didn’t realize how quick it is to make a “Ticket” that is like a preorder… I wish I could create “Tickets” in the background via the api. so I could populate the APP with lets say the daily work tickets that a “Driver/Technician” could be supplied ahead of time. so less management is pushed onto the person creating the “ticket”.

Just trying to find a workflow that will me most effective on a daily level.


Currently, creating and sending invoices isn’t currently available for Square’s API. This is a very popular feature request and we hope to have more options for you soon, so thanks for your continued patience.

Yes. I see that in the app a invoice is considered a sale that is finished right? as you can use the App and create a “Ticket” that is like a invoice… just that it isn’t invoiced so a invoiced ticket would be a “Full Order” that cannot be made ahead of time.

geeze. I guess what I need is a Pre made “Ticket” that is accessible through the dashboard via the app that is used in the field. hmmm

thanks btw for getting back so fast.