Create checkout additional recipient notifications/search

My company has many partners, and I use “Create checkout” to make an order for them to sell something. The call uses the “additional_recipients” functionality to send a portion of the funds to my company, while most go directly to the seller. The company’s portion then needs to be used to pay royalties.

The problem is that while I get the money deposited I cannot find any way to see what order placed the deposit. I don’t want to have to go through all my partners (we anticipate hundreds of partners eventually) and check each one for activity - is there a better way to do that? I just need to link the payment (and any possible chargeback) to an order placed.


:wave: At this time to determine where the app_fee_money is coming from you’ll need to call the Payments API from each one of he sellers and match the application_id with your application_id and log the order_id in the payment object. :slightly_smiling_face: