Cost of Goods Sold

As I currently understand, Cost of Goods Sold (unit cost) is available for retailers who pay for Square for Retail (with Inventory Plus features). Is this data accessible in the API? if so, is it returned from the catalog endpoint?

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Unfortunately, it is not returned in any APIs. Square for Retail (same as Square for Restaurants) do not have any API related features/fields.


Are there any plans to add the Square for Retail fields to the api?

I would also like to know if there are plans here. I find it very clunky to have to manage all of this through spreadsheets when I can easily write a script to handle it through the API. Please make these features available.

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We do have plans to add a field for cost to our API, as well as endpoints to support functionality like purchase orders and managing vendors. We aren’t able to comment on release timelines publicly, but I can follow up when we are at the beta stage to see if you’re interested in getting an early look.

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