Cost of Goods Sold

As I currently understand, Cost of Goods Sold (unit cost) is available for retailers who pay for Square for Retail (with Inventory Plus features). Is this data accessible in the API? if so, is it returned from the catalog endpoint?


Unfortunately, it is not returned in any APIs. Square for Retail (same as Square for Restaurants) do not have any API related features/fields.


Are there any plans to add the Square for Retail fields to the api?

I would also like to know if there are plans here. I find it very clunky to have to manage all of this through spreadsheets when I can easily write a script to handle it through the API. Please make these features available.

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We do have plans to add a field for cost to our API, as well as endpoints to support functionality like purchase orders and managing vendors. We aren’t able to comment on release timelines publicly, but I can follow up when we are at the beta stage to see if you’re interested in getting an early look.


Just chiming in to add my support for this and to see if there’s any update - access via API to the unit cost would be very valuable for my use case!

It’s still on our list! Glad to hear it will be useful to you, and I’ll circle back when we’re ready to collect feedback.

This is very much needed. Can you please add me to the Beta list?

I would like to second this request. We need to automate the Cost Of Goods import, or the usefulness of Inventory Management is marginal. We prefer using vendors who integrate their purchases with Square, but Inventory management is half-baked (we need COG), and an API to import Purchase Orders is also badly needed. I hope this is on your roadmap, and we’re definitely interested in participating in a Beta whenever it’s available.

Would love to be added to the beta list for this - currently this is a major blocker for the integration I’m working on.

I’m developing an add-on for booksellers, and the ability to read / write item cost (even as a standalone addition to the inventory endpoint without any other Square for Retail integrations) would be enormously helpful.

Any updates at all on this?

Unfortunately at this time there isn’t an additional updates on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all - we’re working to define this API area, so we’d love to hear more about your use cases. For example, are you trying to create a Cost of Goods report? Do you simply need to know the current cost per variation? Do you need cost data per item per vendor providing the item?

Please provide more info here on the thread, or connect with me directly. You can find me on the square developer slack instance at @wiggins or set up a time to chat here.

Hey @wiggins, our use is pretty basic, we just need the retail fields exposed to the api so we can pull them into our custom app for backend labeling. That would include Vendor Name, Vendor Code, and Unit Cost.

Do you have a timeline on when this API will be available?

Thanks! That’s helpful.

Today sellers can track multiple vendors and multiple costs for the items as they’ve received. Curious if you’re just looking to associate the best available vendor and cost with the item, or if you’re trying to derive a total cost of goods on hand.

For example, a seller may receive an item from vendor A at $10, and the same item from vendor B at $12.

How would you like to retrieve that data?

All we are doing is pulling item data into an app so that we can search for items by various fields in order to print labels for them. We would like to be able to search by Vendor Code but we can’t do that because the retail fields aren’t available to pull.

Understood - that’s helpful!

Do you have a ballpark, say 3-6 months or more when this will be available?

We’re actually about a week away from exposing a seller’s vendor list through the API (barring any unforeseen issues)! This won’t get you the info you need, though, but we’re hoping to follow up quickly with vendor associations to a seller’s catalog. No hard timeline to share yet but we’re headed in that direction.