Connectivity issues with card reader


We are processing payments via Square on our application. Unfortunately, we are seeing connectivity issues with the card reader.

Our app runs on iPad which sits in the Square stand and the card reader is connected to the stand via a usb cable.

After going over the usual authorization process, we are presenting the Square Reader settings controller and it’s not detecting the card reader. We have to unplug the reader and plug it back in for the card reader to be detected.

What could be causing this connectivity issue?

Any guidance is appreciated.


Have you tried resetting the reader? Furthermore, does this happen with all readers or just a specific reader? Is it able to connect to other devices successfully?

I think you should again give it a try and reset it

Thank you for your help. I alerted the impacted customers.

Resetting the reader did not help.

@sjosey Only 2 of our customers have reported this issue. Could it be due to a flawed piece of hardware maybe? If that’s the case I can advise them to reach out to Square directly.

It definitely could be beneficial to reach out to general Square support to see if they can help. With that said, feel free to share your Square app id as well as the location_id you’re testing with, and I’ll see if I can find anything obvious in our logs.

Also, what version of Reader SDK are you using, as well as what iOS version?

Sorry for the delay @sjosey

We are using version 1.4.8. I’ll DM you the app and location ids.