Contactless and Chip Reader Not Ready with iOS Reader SDK

I am working on a app that is utilizing the Reader SDK (currently version 1.6.9). When I try to connect the Contactless and Chip Reader the message shows “Reader not ready”.
On that same screen it says status failed.
But If I plug in or unplug the reader the Battery status indicates it correctly.

I am able to connect this reader to the square app and my app on Android just fine. I am also able to connect to the reader with the square app on iOS.
What should I be looking into?

Are you getting this error with iOS or Android? Also were any recent changes made on the device? What’s the application ID and the location_id. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am only getting this error when using the Reader SDK on iOS. Not on Android at all and not on iOS if I use the Square Point of Sale app to connect.
Application ID : sq0idp-ABO2l8pZsoVFJKddSwapIg

Are you still running into this issue? There was an issue this past weekend that the team has rolled back. Also what’s the location_id your experiencing this with? :slightly_smiling_face:

I got the new SquareReaderSDK.xcframework library.
The roll back seems to have worked.
Thank you.