Completed CC Payment not showing up in Transactions


I recently ran the Complete Payment function to manually capture payment on a credit card transaction in production.

When I lookup the payment with GetPayment it shows COMPLETED, but it isn’t showing up in the Transactions.

In Sandbox it shows up with the same process. Does it take some time to show up in production?

Thank you!

:wave: What was the application Id that was used to process the payment? :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh it looks like it went through after some delay. Is there a set time that is normally takes?

Looks like you set "autocomplete": false which will only authorize the payment amount. The payment itself won’t show in the Dashboard till it’s completed by calling /v2/payments/{{payment_id}}/complete :slightly_smiling_face:

Right, but I did perform that complete function. It just took a while (like 15 minutes) to show up in the console. I posted this at 11:25, but the transaction was dated 11:14 I believe.

Either way i think we’re good to go. Thank you!