Developer testing account show 0 Complete Transactions

I did a few payments by using payment API. In the API call I set autocomplete = true. I can see all the transactions in the transactions page in the testing account, the status of transactions are COMPLETED, which is I expected. However, I noticed at the top of the it shows 0 Complete Transactions. Also in the home page. it also 0 sales, 0 payments. is this supposed to?
This is the API call I made:
“source_id”: “[redacted]”,
“idempotency_key”: “62f2e28058c97”,
“amount_money”: {
“amount”: 146300,
“currency”: “AUD”
“autocomplete”: true,
“reference_id”: “300”,
“buyer_email_address”: “[email protected]”,
“note”: “ref:300”

this is the response:
“payment”: {
“id”: “zBg0BnIBYeKnEf5CsRO1DPNYlaYZY”,
“created_at”: “2022-08-09T22:41:05.571Z”,
“updated_at”: “2022-08-09T22:41:05.822Z”,
“amount_money”: {
“amount”: 146300,
“currency”: “AUD”
“total_money”: {
“amount”: 146300,
“currency”: “AUD”
“approved_money”: {
“amount”: 146300,
“currency”: “AUD”
“status”: “COMPLETED”,
“delay_duration”: “PT168H”,
“delay_action”: “CANCEL”,
“delayed_until”: “2022-08-16T22:41:05.571Z”,
“source_type”: “CARD”,
“card_details”: {
“status”: “CAPTURED”,
“card”: {
“card_brand”: “MASTERCARD”,
“last_4”: “5100”,
“exp_month”: 12,
“exp_year”: 2034,
“fingerprint”: “sq-1-_dumD4Y3QAYm5h9vnFwQ6xPrMpp-pWi_sGetQVzdDeKKZadfvOwUtxYqvQnmFdTapw”,
“card_type”: “CREDIT”,
“prepaid_type”: “NOT_PREPAID”,
“bin”: “510510”
“entry_method”: “KEYED”,
“cvv_status”: “CVV_ACCEPTED”,
“avs_status”: “AVS_ACCEPTED”,
“statement_description”: “SQ *DEFAULT TEST ACCOUNT”,
“card_payment_timeline”: {
“authorized_at”: “2022-08-09T22:41:05.687Z”,
“captured_at”: “2022-08-09T22:41:05.822Z”
“location_id”: “LKH6SQJYCKN08”,
“order_id”: “ZXtN3zODTHShwOAM8xv8wH7fZxJZY”,
“reference_id”: “300”,
“buyer_email_address”: “aaa”,
“note”: “ref:300”,
“receipt_number”: “zBg0”,
“receipt_url”: “”,
“application_details”: {
“square_product”: “ECOMMERCE_API”,
“application_id”: “sandbox-sq0idb-JnB4tyJuuvmA5ZJsTrDz0Q”
“version_token”: “UPxB3cPMa5BF0pvLiZVWktoOFiFPdUccS95XbC70zmZ6o”

in the response, I noticed there is a “delayed_until”: “2022-08-16T22:41:05.571Z”, is this the problem?
When set the autocomplete, should the response not include this field.

thanks in advance

Hey, welcome to the forums! :wave: It looks like this may be an issue with the Sandbox Seller Dashboard. I’m talking with the team about it and will update here as soon as I know more :slight_smile:

thanks josh,

just give you a bit more infor, the transactions filters in transactions page seems not working. All the transactions have completed status. When I choose complete status in the status filter, it shows all the transactions, but if I choose all status, it shows nothing. Also if I choose card in the payment method filter, it shows nothing, even all the testing payment I did are card transactions.

looking forward to hearing from you again

dear all,

i encountered the same situation, did you figure out the cause?


What’s your application ID? :slightly_smiling_face: