Collecting Sales and splitting amounts

I share a small art studio/gallery with 2 other people. We wanted to make it easy for our customers by have one central checkout location and not have to rung up by more than one of us if they purchase from different people. In the square account, we have major categories with each of our names, and items under that to select to check out.
At the end of the month, one of us runs a report and sees how much each one of us earned, collected taxes and paid fees and then that amount is sent to each one of us. Its become a lot of work.
Is there anyway to have one central Square system and then totals from each major category sent out to different bank accounts?


Unfortunately, the ability to have payments sent to different bank accounts based on the major category isn’t currently available. Currently a location can be configured to a bank but that would require you to switch location for each sale depending on where you need the funds to go. :slightly_smiling_face: