Checkout API in sandbox test

in sandbox test. I want to ask a few things
1, in the product, I can enter the card and the sandbox can’t, right?
2, when I use CreatePaymentLink to generate the checkout url. after successful payment test (as shown in the image below)

i don’t know how to redirect to my successful checkout page. how can i setting the url after successful payment?

Yes, you are correct. In sandbox entering the card information isn’t currently available. Also at this time the ability to test the redirect_url in sandbox isn’t currently available. When a payment is completed and the customer is redirected Square will append the following to your URL:


Thank you
I hope that redirect_url will be develop in sandbox in the future


Is there any opportunity to add these 2 features?
Because it is really not easy to test a failed payment and the redirect url.

Does it exist a guide containing the GET parameters of the redirect url?