Catalog across multiple locations


I am new to Square and am really struggling with how a merchant with multiple locations is implemented. is it expected that a merchants with multiple locations will have an identical catalog? None of the catalog apis as well as webhooks have location id as part of input or output. While it is ideal to have an identical catalog across all locations but that is not always the case. Can you please help me better understand the multiple locations setup?

If a business has multiple locations (may be franchised) where some are company owned while others may be jointly or independently owned, would it not be more flexible to define catalog at the location level?

Would love to get your feedback on that.

:wave: Square’s Catalog API is globally scoped for the merchant account. Within the catalog object you can set the locations that the item will be absent at if it’s not available at a specific location.

Currently with Square’s account model there is one owner for all the locations within the merchant account. A franchised model that may have some company owned, jointly owned or even independently owned locations would require a merchant account for each uniquely owned business. :slightly_smiling_face:

Got it. Thanks for the explanation.