"Cashless" Payment Solution for Fundraising Event (Non-profit)

Hello! I’m from a non-profit that has a niche fundraising event that is an elevated camping experience for adult women at our camp property. There will be opportunities to purchase alcohol, merch, sponsor camp repairs, and make donations during this event. I am curious if the following idea might work to create a “cashless” payment solution for the event. The main motivator to go cashless is that wifi is an issue at camp as we are located on forest service property and have limited wifi - otherwise utilizing the tap-to-pay feature would be our ideal route.

My thoughts were to use Squares House Accounts, (1) gain permission for credit card authorization from attendees prior to the event, (2) create square customers and assign them refence IDs that can be printed in barcode form. The thought is that during the event, we could (3) scan their wristband with their reference ID, thus bringing up the customer on the Square POS and then (4) charging the item purchased to their square account.

Is this a possibility? or should I be looking into other cashless rfid software/hardware providers for this event?

Thank you for your guidance!

Since you’ll be in offline mode the ability to lookup a customer to add the sale to there house account isn’t currently available. So this use case isn’t currently supported. We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the reply, Bryan! Appreciate your thoughts. Square is our go-to for in-event purchases at our various fundraisers, so I’m excited to see how Square’s products and features develop!