Can we Do credit card Verification?

Credit card verification will be done by making a temporary minimum charge on the card and then the customer should verify the what is charge from there credit card statement.

You can use CreatePayment with autocomplete set to false. This will verify the card (or return an error if it’s an invalid card etc) and the payment can be completed at a later time. I believe this would put the funds in a PENDING state on the customer’s card, until it is captured (or voided).

It’s confusing, So we take authorization payment and that will show in pending state. Later when we decide the charges it will be Charged?

Yes, autocomplete == false on Square’s side will mark the payment as “APPROVED”. Once you complete the payment (using CompletePayment) it would change to “CAPTURED” and actually charge the customer. If you fail to complete the payment within the time frame (by default 7 days), or if you explicitly call CancelPayment) then the payment will be marked as “CANCELED” and the customer would not be charged.