Can I remove subscriptions OR search only active subscriptions?

We are using square for subscriptions for about 2 years now. By now about 50% of the subscriptions in the database are cancelled. However, if I load the subscriptions via the search subscriptions api I’m always loading the entire database including all cancelled subscriptions. This starts to become a very long action that is for 50% loading data that is no longer useful.

So… I’m looking for a way to either cleanup the database by completely removing inactive subscriptions but as far as I know there does not exists such method. Alternatively it would be helpful to include a criteria in the search query to only load active subscriptions but such query does not exist as far as I know.

I have tried a query to search only active customers but including the entire list of active customers in the query makes the subscription search function very slow and also unreliable.

So… any method such that I can load only active subscriptions???


Currently, a query to search for only active subscriptions isn’t currently available. Also a bulk clean action to remove any canceled subscriptions isn’t currently available. Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions. :slight_smile: