Is there any way to cancel the subscription at once?

I want to terminate the service of a store.
Is there any way to cancel the subscription at once?

I see you marked this as Subscriptions API, but you also mentioned a store, so I’m not entirely sure if this is Subscriptions API or something like Square partner related? Can you clarify what specifically you’re wanting to do?

I would like to terminate my web app that uses the subscription API.
I want to cancel all my subscriptions at once, is there a good way to do this?

Not a one-call thing. Basically you can “cancel” the plan, by (taken from docs):

You can optionally disable the existing plan by setting the present_at_all_locations field to false by calling UpsertCatalogObject . For more information, see Update a subscription plan. When a plan is disabled, existing subscriptions continue to work but you cannot add new subscriptions.

So this would cancel the plan, which means new subscriptions can’t be added, but it wouldn’t auto-cancel the existing subscriptions on this plan. From there, you would need to basically call CancelSubscription for each subscription under the plan.

Hi, continuing on this thread.

We have created several test subscriptions in our test account. I have cancelled many subscriptions and the status in the interface shows “Cancellation Scheduled” but when we get the list of subscriptions using Search Subscriptions API the status of every subscription (including the cancelled ones) shows Active.

How do we cancel a subscription with immediate effect so that it is appropriately reflected in the Search Subscription API? Else is there another API that we have to use to get the accurate status of the subscription?

We are testing using this - POST /v2/subscriptions/search - Square API Explorer


When you cancel a subscription, the canceled_date field is set to the end of the active billing cycle and a CANCEL action is scheduled for the same date. After this date, the status changes from ACTIVE to CANCELED. :slightly_smiling_face: