Status of a subscription plan available in dashboard but not via API?

I want to retrieve the list of all my active subscriptions plans :
in the production dashboard, there a status for subscription plan but I failed to find some status field in the API documentation for it :frowning:

There is no field that has actual “ACTIVE” and “DEACTIVATED” values on SUBSCRIPTION_PLAN objects. However, toggling those settings on your dashboard will change present_at_all_locations to true or false.

OK thanks for the tip, maybe I can use present_at_all_locations to filter indeed :slight_smile:

Without making a new topic, on the same subject of SUBSCRIPTION_PLAN I realised lately that there were no custom referenceId like we have for CUSTOMER or CARD objects.
I don’t know if it has been already requested but that would be a useful :wink: or maybe you have another tip for that :wink:

Happy to help! I don’t have any workarounds I can suggest for reference_id on SUBSCRIPTION_PLANs, but I’ll definitely note it down as a feature request :slight_smile: