Can a payment not have an Order associated with it?

Is it possible that payment may not have an order_id?

All payments have an Order ID associated with them.

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For some reason, Order ID “f41E6gYci69HsQWDkbk5aJseV” is null. Any idea why?

Is the ID you provided the ID of the payment?

Its an Order ID. However it seems to be associated to multiple Payment IDs. One of them is “X9HPqdcBE7voiugaIlsIMbDJvaB”

Yes, Orders can have multiple Payments. A Payment can only be associated with a single Order, though.

Calling BatchRetrieveOrders with that Order ID doesn’t return “null” for me though - can you clarify what’s not working :slight_smile:

This is what I get when I call BatchRetrieveOrders in the API Explorer.

Hm, that shouldn’t be the case. I’m following up with our Orders engineering team to get them to look into that Order and see if there’s any issues with it that could be causing this. I can see on our end that there’s definitely an Order in our databases with that ID, but it’s not making it back to you.

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Any update on this, Dean?

It appears the reason it’s not being returned is because the Payment failed. For sales taken by the Point of Sale app, the Order is only accessible if the Payment succeeds. Eventually, we’d like for Orders to show for both failed and succeeded payments, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case right now.

Sorry for the delay!

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