Bulk Invoice Via Customers Groups


I see that it is possible to create customer groups under the API. Is it possible to bulk invoice an entire group instead of individual customers? For example, if I have a group “Loyal Customers” that I need to invoice $200 each, is it possible to do this or is there another feature for this?


Hi there, thanks for posting. I’m the Product Manager for Customers API.

Interesting idea! We don’t currently support any bulk invoicing via API as far as I know (including this use case), but this is something we can consider as a feature request. cc @luu for Invoices API

We don’t have Bulk Invoice as a native endpoint in the Invoices API currently. We do have plans to support Bulk Invoice creation in our 1st party Square Invoices product so we’d also look into supporting it in API too in our medium to long term roadmap. cc: @carrie

oh, i read this post its not good.

This is a feature I could definitely use! We have approximately 120 members in our association, and our annual renewal process is always painful, having to go after past-due memberships, and following up as to whether they intend on maintaining their membership status.

It seems there are always about 35 or 40 members who require prodding. Having to send out that many Invoices one at a time, as ‘reminders’ is a chore. Are there really plans in the works to provide bulk invoicing, to greatly assist in this process?


Hi all if you are still looking for a way to manage this please let me know.

My name is Dan I’ve worked in point of sale and payments for 7+ years and developed a software to help retail businesses leverage subscriptions. It’s called Submatic (https://www.submatic.io/).

We have an integration with Square that automates member discounts/benefits based on the rules that you configure. For example you can create a membership subscription for a product or which entitles the member to a discount. Our software handles the recurring billing/invoice creation, and communicates the membership benefits with Square so that you don’t have to track anything manually.

If you’re a non-profit or small association we can offer a discounted price. If you’re interested in getting more info or checking out a trial let me know. You can send me a direct message here on the forum if you click on my username. Thanks!