Booking API - How can I get 'customer_id' for customer side?

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I’m a bit confused about the Booking APIs. Can only businesses create appointments with this API? Or can customers book themselves an appointment for the business?

I want to design an application where the customers can make an appointment for themselves.
But in the Create Booking API, there is a field ‘customer_id’ and this is required. How can I fill this field?

I can get users information and return a new ID with Create Customer API. But how can I get this id for next time?

Let’s assume an appointment app for dentist.

Customer sees the available time slots for treatment. After this stage there are two options.

  1. Customer creates an appointment for himself. But this option customer should know his customer_id.

  2. Customer send his info (name, surname, available time slot) to dentist. Dentist create an appointment for the customer. (Create customer if he is not registered).

Which option is suitable for Booking API’s?

:wave: At the time the custom is booking the appointment your application should know who the customer is and whether or not to create a new customer profile. At the time of booking you could let the customer choose whether they are a new customer or existing one. If they’re existing you’ll need to provide some type of lookup and validation for existing customer so you can pass in the correct customer_id at the time of booking. :slightly_smiling_face:

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