Bookings API Customer Address

The Bookings API documentation really isn’t clear on this but I was hoping someone could save me a lot of time…

I would like to allow customers to set the address for a appointment. The problem is that there are no fields to do this with “create booking”.

Does this mean that i will have to update a customer’s address first before creating a appointment?

If so, will multiple appointments be changed if the customer’s address changes?

When you create a booking you have to set the location_id in the request. If you want to let your customers select the location you can give them the option to select one of your locations and pass that in with the request. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey thanks for the response but im trying to set the customer address for a appointment. not the business location. Is there only support for 1 customer address?

Is the customers address where the booking will take place? :slightly_smiling_face:

correct, this is for mobile appointments. Id like customers to be able to specify a address for each appointment. i know about setting the customer address but there is no input fields to specify a address on the actual appointment.

Does this mean that I will have to update the customer’s address every time i “create booking”?

If so, will the updated address reflect on all appointments that are linked to the customer or does the appointment object take a “snapshot” of the customer’s address at the time of appointment creation

Okay, in that case since updating the address of the customer isn’t ideal and won’t be unique for every appointment I’d recommend using the customer_note field for the address. The customer_note will be unique for every appointment. :slightly_smiling_face: