Booking API Error

When I create a booking getting this error.
“errors”: [
“code”: “BAD_REQUEST”,
“detail”: “team_member_id TM5moOy3jiZLxIIG is not valid”,
“field”: “base”
I checked with /v2/team-members/search api and get the id in api
but still getting this error
Can you please help me

Hi @testineed welcome to the forums!

Is the team member set up as a “Bookable” member? They should show up while using ListTeamMemberBookingProfiles (GET /v2/bookings/team-member-booking-profiles - Square API Reference), if so. You would need to do that via the dashboard just FYI.


I created booking using api.
checked the booking details in the dashboard but I showing the “Take Payment”
But I already get the payment using payment api before create a booking
so how can we set the booking as paid via API ?
Can you please help me.

You can only pay for a booking via the dashboard or in person via the POS, you cannot pay for the booking via the API as far as I know.