Associating SettlementEntries with Payments, Refunds, Disputes


We’re working with the Settlements endpoint and have some questions about what each SettlementEntry represents.

  1. Should every SettlementEntry in a Settlement reference a Payment, Refund or Dispute using the payment_id field? Is this supposed to be 1-to-1 or 1-to-many?

  2. Can you explain what a SettlementEntry with no payment_id and type = OTHER represents? Is there another object that this entry is linked to?

Thank you!

  1. Each settlement entry should be telling you how the total settlement was calculated. Per the docs:

The returned Settlement objects include an entries field that lists the transactions that contribute to the settlement total. Most settlement entries correspond to a payment payout, but settlement entries are also generated for less common events, like refunds, manual adjustments, or chargeback holds.

  1. OTHER is used when no other type matches, but I’m not sure for certain what it might stand for. Do you have a settlement_id that has this? I might be able to see what it’s meant to represent on our side.

We do have a settlement_id for this case.

Is it possible to share this information with you in a private channel/email? Are you available on the developer Slack?

Hi @zach, Feel free to DM me and I can take a look at the settlement.

Thank you! Will do – waiting for my invite to the Square developer slack

Perfect here is the link to join: Build with Square