SettlementsAPI, Java and Square Balance

Hi all,

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I’m looking at using Square to integrate with our accounting system and I’m looking at auto reconciling.

Couple of questions:

  • is there an API for querying your current Square balance?
  • I noticed the Settlements API still v1 - is it deprecated? If so, what is its replacement?
  • I couldn’t find a Java SDK implementation of the Settlements Api - is there one?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @kriegfrj welcome to the forums!

V1 Settlements is your only bet currently, and it is not currently deprecated as there is no replacement. For Java, it lives in the “V1 Transactions” API (square-java-sdk/ at master · square/square-java-sdk · GitHub). Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns!

Dear @sjosey, thank you for your warm welcome.

Thank you for pointing me towards the V1Transactions API - it seems to be exactly what I need.

Just to explain the source of my confusion: I can see now that on it does not say that it is deprecated, as the other V1 APIs do. However, on the main file (GitHub - square/square-java-sdk: Java client library for the Square API), the V1 Transactions API is listed under the “Deprecated APIs” heading. Perhaps this needs to be revised for the sake of clarity?

Also, one side question which I don’t think was answered: Is there an API to query the current balance of your Square account? I would like this as a cross-check during automatic reconciliation to make sure that the actual balance (as reported by Square) matches the balance we expect according to our our own internal reconciliation. Or is the idea that entire balance transferred at each settlement, and so we can infer the Square Balance by looking at the settlement amount?

Ah I see the confusion. It looks like the “Deprecated” comes from any of the APIs (which the v1 orders api, which is lumped in with the V1 Transactions API, is deprecated). I’ll share this feedback with our SDK team, though!

There is not a current way to retrieve the Square balance, unfortunately. The V1 Settlements will simply give you a list of settlement activity with entries (such as the payments that created the settlement), but you won’t be able to know the actual balance of the account as this point.

:wave: Hi all! We’re excited to unveil the v2/payouts API in beta! This API will replace the v1/settlements API, which will be retired in 2023.You can use the Payouts API to automatically reconcile sellers’ bank deposits or debits with their payments taken with Square in production and sandbox. You can retrieve a list of payouts or individual payouts and compare their amounts with the deposit or debit amounts on the bank statement. You can also list all of the payout entries associated with a payout so you can reconcile at a transaction level in your accounting system.

To get started visit the Payouts API documentation page. Feel free to ask questions or provide feedback here! :slightly_smiling_face: