Payment Status after receiving funds

Hello everybody! The REST API documentation for payments mention that payments can have the following status: APPROVED , COMPLETED , CANCELED , or FAILED. I was wondering, once I have received the funds for a payment, does it status change from ‘COMPLETED’ to something like ‘SETTLED’? Or, is there a way to know for which payments I have received the funds?

Hey @DarioVazquez welcome to the forums!

We actually have a Settlements API just for that! You should be able to use this API to see when funds have been deposited into your bank account. Let me know if you have any specific questions around it, though.

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Hello @sjosey ! Thanks for your response.

Right now I’m reviewing the Settlements API. I am retrieving the settlements list (GET /v1/{location_id}/settlements), and for each list item I get the settlement id and bank account id. My question is: Is there a way to link the settlement with the specific payment that originated it from your payments API?


The RetrieveSettlement should have an entries array (of type SettlementEntry). Inside one of these SettlementEntry objects, there should be a field for payment_id, which should be the payment that it’s referring to. If you’re unable to find it, please provide me with a settlement_id and I’ll take a look! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your quick response @sjosey ! You are correct, I got a little confused. Found everything I need by using RetrieveSettlement (/v1/{location_id}/settlements/{settlement_id})
Thank you!

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