Appointment API?

I’d like to build a voice application that allows people to select dates/times for appointments. Is there something available I’m missing and, if not, any information about this would be great :slight_smile: .

I am looking for an API for the appointment feature as well. Is it just a combination of Items, Orders and Customers underneath?

Were you able to figure this out?


@srod @misterlib Thanks for your interest in the Appointments API. We’re actively working on this and will have more to share soon. Stay tuned!

Hi Matt.

I’m specifically looking to create referral links so that our customers can refer their friends and then earn some sort of credit.

This is fairly trivial and there are threads requesting this feature that go back close to 6 years.

We are launching a studio next month. I’ve basically moved on from square appointments to work with other tools because it has felt abandoned by reading the long line of customer requests that have been ignored, some for half a decade +.

I know you probably can’t provide a timeline. But are we talking days, weeks, months or years here?

The timeline for an early public version of the Appointments API is most likely 2021Q1. Referral codes are not currently planned as part of the Appointments API roadmap, but might make sense as part of the Loyalty API.

Update on this feature request?

Square, can you update the community on this?

What’s the latest update?

The Bookings API has been public for about a year. You can find more here:

Referral codes are not supported in Appointments but could be built separately and integrated via the API.