Apple Tap to Pay on iPhone available on POS API

We are glad to announce that Square now supports Tap to Pay on iPhone as a payment acceptance method in POS API for sellers in the US. Tap to Pay on iPhone allows sellers to accept contactless payments using only an iPhone, with no external hardware required. The buyer holds a contactless card or a mobile wallet over the seller’s iPhone to complete the transaction.

Sellers using the POS API within their app, and who have updated their iOS Square Point of Sale app to v6.0, will have the option to enable Tap to Pay on iPhone directly in Square POS via Settings. We are informing you about this new feature in case you start seeing Tap to Pay on iPhone payments flow through. Check out our website for more info and feel free to ask any questions in this forum!

@Mathew-Square This is great news. With this method is it possible to pay using the merchant’s gift card in the mobile wallet?

@Mathew-Square is this also now available for Android tap to pay? Thank you.

Is this feature available as an SDK / Library you could incoperate into an app, or do you need the square app?

Currently, you need to Square app for this feature. You’ll deep link in the Square app with the Point of Sale API . :slightly_smiling_face:

Is an SDK for this feature on the roadmap so it can be integrated into a custom app?

At this time Tap to Pay only works with the Square app. So integrating it into your own custom app isn’t currently available. Also we don’t have public roadmaps for feature requests like this. :slightly_smiling_face: