API Versions and Deprecation to Retired Timeframe

I’m needing to upgrade my API version to utilize some new abilities and had a couple questions:

  1. Is there a general timeframe of when a deprecated call will move to “Retired” status, or does it change depending on the call?

  2. API app version vs. Auth header version: What’s the actual difference in changing the API version in the auth header to upgrading the API version for the “app” in the dashboard? I was able to change the version in the auth header and make calls without changing the app API version - so I’m not sure what all each impacts.

Any insight here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

With Square’s API life cycle deprecated is the first stage toward retirement. They are typically deprecated at least 12 months before permanent retirement.

Deprecated functionality remains publicly available and fully supported, but its use is strongly discouraged for all applications, regardless of the Square-Version provided with API calls. You are discouraged from building new solutions with deprecated APIs. On deprecation, you should plan on updating existing applications that depend on the deprecated APIs.

The Auth header version overrides the default by explicitly specifying an API version in a request by adding the Square-Version request headers. This enables developers to test different API versions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Every API integration ages slowly over time, and eventually has a " retirement date" lurking somewhere in the (hopefully) distant future.