API retirement policy

Hey Square people!

We currently depend on version 2020-12-16 of the square API. I assume it is already deprecated, since the api-lifecycle says it is 12 months. We are working on starting the migration of this to the most up-to-date API, but this involves many of our resources, so we need a deadline for the retirement of that version, or at least a timeframe where the API in question would be available.

Could someone clarify what is the retirement policy? Is there some defined timeline, it depends on the API version in question and its user base (most likely), and if so, what is it for my specific version? I found this answer, but it does not mention the timeframe.

All I want is to be ahead of the curve and avoid headaches for our dev team, like “Hey, payments are not working, we need to fix ASAP” and we need to migrate the whole thing on short notice. We plan to do this in 4 months from now give or take, but if retirement is coming soon, we would update the priority of it.

Thanks for the support!

At this time we haven’t retired an API version. All of our versions are still supported. We do recommend staying current with our APIs. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, Bryan! That clarifies the issue for us.