Alternate way to track refund status

Hello Team,
I have gone through the Refund API, the status in the response of this API is ‘PENDING’ and to track the later status, we need to implement web-hooks.

I want to simplify this process as we are working on a SaaS based application, and there we have N number of merchants who are going to accept payments from their customers. We are accepting the access token, sandboxId and locationId before activating their accounts.

For the implementation of web-hooks, I need to inform them to configure the web-hooks from their dashboard with the specified endpoint, event and in return give us the Signature Key, so that we can validate the web-hook’s response header.

This process might be painful for the merchant users. Can we solve this problem by some other way?

:wave: With Square to simplify the process you’ll want to connect to your customers with OAuth. The OAuth API lets you request specific permissions from Square sellers to manage their resources and get OAuth tokens to call the Square APIs on their behalf. They then won’t have to configure anything on their end. :slightly_smiling_face:

But my problem is how I can track the refund status? I can only see the option of webhooks. Is there any other way for doing this?

Other then webhooks you could periodically GetRefundPayment for any refund that’s in a pending state till it changes status. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for providing the quick solutions.