Allow terminal checkouts to be processed on terminal devices owned by another account

I have the use case where my application needs to allow multiple accounts to process payments to their account using a single terminal device that is paired to the application account rather than any of their individual accounts.

I tried creating a device code using the application access token & then authorizing the additional accounts for the application with PAYMENTS_WRITE permission and using the oauth generated token for those accounts a checkout can be created but in the current state of how things work, this checkout will not be pushed to the terminal device because the device is not owned by the account the payment is being processed for.

The usecase would not work if the device was owned by the same account because then it could still only be used with that single account, not with multiple accounts.

Feature Request: Allow terminal devices to display checkout when the account creating the checkout has authorized PAYMENTS_WRITE permissions to the account owning the terminal device.