Adding reference_id from the paymenst API to the receipt

I am trying to add the reference_id data item tha is sent when I create a capture a payment from the payments API but i don’t seem to be able to find anything that allows me to do this

can anyone assist please?

thank you

Hey there! :wave: Are you referring to the CreatePayment endpoint, or CompletePayment? For CreatePayment, you can pass in the reference_id in the reference_id field of your request. If you’re hoping to use CompletePayment with reference_id, unfortunately that isn’t currently supported. That endpoint will only allow you to complete payments based on payment_id.

Thanks Jason

I am looking for the way to add this data to the Customer Receipt, we already parse this information in the api call.

any idea on that one/

Gotcha, I missed that in your title sorry! Adding this to the receipt is not currently possible, unfortunately.

I did find a solution in the end, it was to use “note” field in the api payload instead as this is printed on the customer facing receipt

Glad you found a workaround! I’ve also noted down having reference_id exposed on receipts directly as a feature request.