Action required before updating to iOS 16

Hello everyone! iOS 16 is expected to be officially launched by Apple in the near future. Before you upgrade to iOS 16, we encourage you to follow our directions below to ensure that your apps continue to work as expected.

POS API - Sellers using developers’ apps built using Square POS API will need to update their Square Point of Sale app to v5.98 (or higher) to avoid Bluetooth connectivity problems on their Square Reader. Updating to iOS 16, before updating their Square Point of Sale app, could prevent sellers from connecting to their Square Reader. Please advise your sellers to update their Square Point of Sale app to the latest version, as soon as they can.

Reader SDK1 - Any apps built using Reader SDK1 should be updated to version 1.6.2 of the SDK, before completing any updates to iOS 16. Without completing the Reader SDK1 update, your app will not be able to connect to a Square Reader via Bluetooth on iOS 16. Please visit Square Developer for more information on how to update your Reader SDK.

Feel free to ask questions or provide feedback here!