Access to vendor name field in Square API

Hey all,

At Faire we’re building inventory integrations with Square. We’re interested in retrieving the Vendor name field available through Square for retail.

Can you please prioritize?


Unfortunately vendor name field isn’t currently available. We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team.

thank you. would you be able to provide me with an estimate on when this can be done? is there a way to escalate? if helpful, i’m happy to hop on a call with a PM to explain our use case

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have public roadmaps for features. PM’s do monitor the forum and if you are willing to share your use case we would love to better understand how this would help you.

Yeah I would love to share more, but over email. What’s the best email I can send our use case to?

Hi Bryan – bumping this :slight_smile:

Hello! Is there any update here on when this information would be available through the API?

Unfortunately we typically do not release public timelines, so no date on when (or even if) this data will be retrievable.

Hi all - we’re working to define this API area, so we’d love to hear more about your use cases and how you’d like to read/manage this data. If an item has two vendors, for example, do you need that information?

Please provide more info here on the thread, or connect with me directly. You can find me on the square developer slack instance at @wiggins or set up a time to chat here.