Access attributes without methods

Is there a supported/recommended way to get attribute values that are not exposed in the SDKs?

This is a general question, but my specific issue is that I need to get the tip_eligible boolean value of a shift wage.

The returned result includes it, but I cannot find a method to access it in the PHP object.

I know that I can user curl to directly retrieve the result and then parse it, but this seems like it should be unnecessary, inefficient and brittle.

Let me know if my question is unclear or if you need more details.


The tip_eligible is available in the PHP SDK shift wage. Are you looking at the nested object within the shift? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Bryan-Square,


I was using an older SDK version in my test area.

Sorry for being that guy.

But, I feel like I have run into similar situations in the past, and I am curious if there is a recommended approach to access attributes that are in the response but not exposed via the SDK.


Glad to hear you figured it out. The only things that aren’t included in the SDK that may be in the API response are undocumented fields. These should not be relied on since they’re undocumented. :slightly_smiling_face: