Ability to re-categorize transactions

Items that get sold that may have been entered with No Category or Unassigned ot some other “Custom Amount” gets entered, we would love the ability to edit the Category and re-categorize the transaction in order to have accurate reporting.

Is this with the category reports in Dashboard? Or with the APIs? It is possible with the APIs if you ignore the version of the catalog object so it alway pulls in the most up to date version of the catalog object. :slightly_smiling_face:

yes. In the Dashboard. Yeah, it’s possible if we download the spreadsheet too… but I’d like to be able to re-cat3egorize it in the dashboard for accurate reporting in the dashboard across all reports.

At this time the ability to re-categorize the reports in the Dashboard isn’t currently available. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, sadly, I know.