How to get the Category assigned to an Item when the Order was initially created?

I have an app that pulls orders and the items from that order. To get the category associated with the items I reference the catalog using the Item ID. I have found that if that item has been removed from the original category, when the order was created, it is now not associated with the category of the item when the order was created. I find that if you look at the sales (and that order) through the Dashboard reports it DOES retain the original category of that item at the time of the sale.
Is there any way to get the actual category for an item on an order that reflects what it was when the order was originally created?

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Unfortunately there’s not a way to do this currently via the API. I will mark this as a feature request for the time being.


Has this been fixed now or are all items that are removed not able to link back to the item category?

Yes, if you are logging the version of the catalog object you want you can call the Catalog API with that version to get the category the object belonged to for that version. :slightly_smiling_face: