2020-03-25 Changelog

Payments API
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Version summary

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Existing API updates

  • Payments API. In support of the existing Delayed capture for payments, the following fields are added to the Payment type:
    • delay_duration. In a CreatePayment request, you can set autocomplete to false to get payment approval but not charge the payment source. You can now add this field to specify a time period to complete (or cancel) the payment. For more information, see Delay capture.
    • delay_action. Defines the action that Square takes on the payment when the delay_duration elapses. In this release, the API supports only the cancel payment action.
    • delayed_until. Provides the date and time on Square servers when Square applies delay_action on the payment.
  • Catalog API. Custom Attributes BETA launch includes:
    • custom_attribute_definition_data. New field in CatalogObjects for custom attribute structured data.
    • CatalogCustomAttributeDefinition. A new datatype that defines a custom attribute.
    • CatalogCustomAttributeValue. A new datatype that represents an instance of a custom attribute within an item or item variation.