2023-04-19 Changelog

Catalog API
Checkout API
Loyalty API
Orders API
Terminal API
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Version summary

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API updates

  • Catalog API:

  • Checkout API:

    • PaymentLink object. Added a new long_url field. The long_url field shows the long version of URL in addition to the shortened version of the url field.
  • Loyalty API:

    • SearchLoyaltyAccounts endpoint. The maximum number of results to include in a paged response changed from 30 to 200. This setting is controlled by the limit field. The default limit remains 30. This change applies to all Square API versions.
  • OAuth API:

  • Orders API:

    • OrderServiceChargeCalculationPhase enum. Added two new values for calculating apportioned service charges:

      • APPORTIONED_PERCENTAGE_PHASE: the service charge is calculated after discounts, but before any amount-based apportioned service charges and taxes.
      • APPORTIONED_AMOUNT_PHASE: the service charge is calculated after any discounts and percentage-based apportioned service charges, and before taxes.

      For more information, see Service charges.

  • Terminal API:

    • TerminalCheckout object.
      • Added support for money tipping, statement description identifier, team member identification, and canceling or completing a payment after a delayed capture duration has elapsed.
      • Removed the FAILED read-only status description from the delay_duration field. The CANCELED and COMPLETED status descriptions remain for the delay_duration field.