2023-01-19 Changelog

Gift Card Activities API
Location Custom Attributes API
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Version summary

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New API releases

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API updates

  • Gift Card Activities API:

    • GiftCardActivity object. Added the read-only transfer_balance_to_activity_details and transfer_balance_from_activity_details fields that contain information about TRANSFER_BALANCE_TO and TRANSFER_BALANCE_FROM activities. Square creates these activities when a buyer transfers money between gift cards linked to their Square profile.
  • OAuth API:

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Documentation updates

  • Working with Addresses. Clarified that addresses are a subtype of objects (such as Location or Customer) and are not stored independently of these objects.
  • Keep Customer Records. Described how resources associated with a customer profile are affected when a customer profile is deleted.
  • Custom Attributes Overview. Added locations to the list of APIs supporting custom attributes and included a table with details about data types common to all custom attribute APIs.