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2021-11-17 Changelog

Square Cards API Bookings API Subscriptions API

Version Summary


  • Cards API:

    • Card object. Added the Card.merchant_id field to identify the Square seller that stored the payment card on file.

    • Cards API webhooks . Added a Card object to the response bodies of all Cards API webhooks. The Card is added as a child of the data.object field in all webhook responses.

  • Bookings API:

  • Subscriptions API:

    • Actions. Added a new actions framework representing scheduled, future changes to subscriptions.

    • PauseSubscription endpoint. Added to support temporarily pausing a subscription. Calling this endpoint schedules a new PAUSE action.

    • SwapPlan endpoint. Added to support changing the subscription plan associated with a single customer. Calling this endpoint schedules a new SWAP_PLAN action.

    • DeleteSubscriptionAction endpoint. Added to support deleting a scheduled action.

    • ResumeSubscription endpoint. Updated to support resuming a paused subscription. Calling this endpoint schedules a new RESUME action.

    • CancelSubscription endpoint. Updated to schedule a new CANCEL action.

    • SearchSubscriptions endpoint. Added an optional include body parameter. Pass the value actions to the parameter to return all actions associated with the subscriptions.

  • Migration Guides.

    Code that relies on these V1 API endpoints must be updated to avoid breaking when these APIs reach retirement.

  • API Logs Added content for the new API Logs feature which allows developers to view the summary, request, and response for Square API calls.

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