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2021-01-21 Changelog

Invoices API
Locations API

Version Summary

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  • Invoices API: (beta)

    The InvoicePaymentRequest.request_method field is deprecated, and its current options are separated into two new fields that better represent their scope:

    • Invoice.delivery_method specifies how Square should send invoices, reminders, and receipts to the customer.

    • InvoicePaymentRequest.automatic_payment_source specifies the payment method for an automatic payment.

    As part of this change, the InvoiceDeliveryMethod and InvoiceAutomaticPaymentSource enums are added and the InvoiceRequestMethod enum is deprecated.

    The Invoices API will continue to accept request_method in create and update requests until the field is retired, but starting in this version, request_method is not included in returned Invoice objects. For more information, see the migration notes.

SDKs Permalink Get a link to this section

  • Connect Node.js SDK: (deprecated)

    The deprecated Connect Node.js SDK is in the security maintenance state. It will not receive any bug fixes or API updates from the Square version 2021-01-21 release. However, the SDK will receive support and security patches until it is retired (EOL) in Q2, 2021. For more information, including steps for migrating to the Square Node.js SDK, see the Connect SDK README.

Documentation updates Permalink Get a link to this section

  • Catalog API:

  • Inventory API:

    • The Inventory API content is updated. It provides clearer guidance about how to use the API, with a task-oriented TOC and improved code examples.