2020-10-28 Changelog

Locations API
Terminal API
Loyalty API
Invoices API
Orders API
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Version summary

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Existing API updates

  • Terminal API. New endpoints to enable sellers in Canada refund Interac payments.

  • Loyalty API (beta):

  • Locations API:

    • Location object. Has a new read-only field,full_format_logo_url, which provides URL of a full-format logo image for the location.
    • Webhooks. The Locations API now supports notifications for when a location is created and when a location is updated.
  • Orders API:

  • Invoices API (beta):

    • Invoice object. The payment_requests field can now contain up to 13 payment requests, with a maximum of 12 INSTALLMENT request types. This is a service-level change that applies to all Square API versions. For more information, see Payment requests.