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2020-07-22 Changelog

Square Catalog API Inventory API Locations API Merchants API Orders API Terminal API Invoices API

Version Summary


  • Deprecation: The Reporting API will be retired on 2020-08-26. Please migrate to the Payments API immediately if you need multi-party payment reporting.

  • Catalog API

  • Locations API

  • Merchants API

  • Orders API

    • PricingOptions. You can now enable the auto_apply_discounts of the options to have rule-based discounts automatically applied to an Order object that is preconfigured with a pricing rule.

  • Inventory API

    • Replaced the 500 error for "max string length exceeded" with a max length error message. A max length attribute is added to string type fields.

  • Terminal API (beta)

    • TerminalCheckout object. The TerminalCheckoutCancelReason field is renamed to ActionCancelReason.

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