Announcing Square Connect v2 Inventory API

Announcing Square Connect v2 Inventory API

We are very pleased to announce the release of Inventory API to Connect v2. With this release, we’ve significantly upgraded functionality…

We are very pleased to announce the release of Inventory API to Connect v2. With this release, we’ve significantly upgraded functionality for the Inventory API. If you haven’t implemented the Connect v1 Inventory API, you’re coming in at the right time. If you’re a v1 user, read all about the exciting new features coming your way.

We’re not the only ones excited, though — let one of our partners tell you:

“Our merchants need real-time, accurate inventory data to effectively run their businesses and make informed decisions. With Square’s v2 Inventory API we’re able to not only meet that expectation but provide new functionality that wasn’t previously possible.” — Nate Stewart, Director, Strategic Partner Initiatives, BigCommerce

What’s in this release

New feature: Batch Update Inventory

No need to individually adjust inventory items: you can now batch inventory adjustments and retrievals to save API calls and time.

New feature: View the History of Inventory Adjustments

The inventory adjustment history allows you to expose history within your service and reconcile your inventory using the ledger for an item variation. In Inventory for Connect v1, when you looked up an inventory item variation, you’d only get a count back — now, you have a full view of the history of any adjustments you, a seller, or another third party may have made.

New feature: Move Inventory Between States

You can now move quantities of item variations through predefined states (e.g., IN_STOCK, WASTE, etc.). This allows you to keep track of exact adjustments that occurred on your inventory items. Now you can view information on how many items were damaged, or how many items were received in a certain time period.

Square’s Inventory API supports the following inventory states for a given quantity of item variations:

  • NONE


  • SOLD




New feature: See Which Applications Made Inventory Adjustments

Now you can view what adjustments were made by specific applications. You can tell who adjusted the inventory historically compared to what was adjusted in Square’s dashboard, or by another application. You can also view which bill a certain sale adjustment is linked to.

New feature: Set the Time for When an Adjustment Event Occured

With the addition of an occurred_at time, you can specify when an event occurred within the past 24 hours. You can use this to allow a better sync between your inventory in Square and any other inventory systems.

Deprecated: Memo Field on Inventory Adjustment

We removed the memo field, now that this feature is better incorporated in the new “states” and “inventory history” features.

Find the latest SDKs and their documentation on GitHub:





JavaScript (Node):


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