Where is xcodeproj for POS SDK

I am trying to download the POS SDK from this link https://github.com/square/SquarePointOfSaleSDK-iOS.

I followed the instructions on the repo and am trying to use the example Coffee Shop. However when I compile it tells me that it is missing a SquarePointOfSaleSDK.xcodeproj. I did the git submodule but the project file does not exist. Only the xcworkspace exists.

I am also getting this error once I’ve added my Application ID for the code piece below: Type of expression is ambiguous without more context

 return try SCCAPIRequest(callbackURL: callbackURL,
                                 amount: amount,
                                 userInfoString: nil,
                                 locationID: nil,
                                 notes: order.description,
                                 customerID: nil,
                                 supportedTenderTypes: TenderTypes,
                                 clearsDefaultFees: false,
                                 returnAutomaticallyAfterPayment: true)

Thanks for reporting this, I’m seeing the same issue as you. Escalating to our iOS team to resolve our examples and will follow up here once I have more information.

The instructions have been updated, but basically you need to run pod install from the root directly, and then drag the SquarePointOfSaleSDK.xcodeproj to one of the examples.

Thanks. I was able to eventually get it to run. I had to add

 disablesKeyedInCardEntry: false,
 skipsReceipt: false

to the existing scheme. I also had to manually remove an error checks for the Application ID.

I did the pod install and updated the repo and was able to see the new Pods folder. However, the SquarePointOfSaleSDK.xcodeproj is still missing. Would it be possible to send the .xcodeproj to me or attach it? Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ve also checked the other folders within to see if the file was there as well.