What's the point of GET /v2/merchants if it only returns the current merchant

I’m new to Square and its APIs.
As I’m running the guide to get started, I’m wondering what is the point of the List Merchants API?
My understanding is that it always returns a singleton list with the merchant associated with the given access token.

Similarly, the Get Merchant API accepts a merchant_id parameter but my understanding is that it can only accept the id of the merchant associated with the given token, which is the same as passing ‘me’ for the parameter.

So it all sounds unnecessarily complicated ways of fetching the same data.
Am I missing something?

Nope! :person_shrugging:

However the future may present more meaningful use and understanding of the naming. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a bit cryptic and I’m still confused here.

When you say ‘Nope’, do you mean that I’m not missing anything?

Are you also saying that in the future we can list multiple merchants with a single token?

You are correct in your findings. While its plural which implies that more than one can be returned our public API offering of the endpoints at this time only returns one merchant.

We currently don’t have a public roadmap for what’s in store for our APIs at this time. :slightly_smiling_face: