Webhooks - can I add/edit Header data and add parameters for field mapping?

I have a Zoho Creator application. I have successfully scripted to make API calls from my ZC app to my Square app to create customers, orders and invoices. Now I want to receive data from Square back to Zoho Creator upon certain events via the Square webhook subscription.

I have created a new form in my ZC app (’…square-webhook’). I have listed the URL in the Square Dev portal → Webhooks → Add subscription. When I try to send a Test Event, I get a ‘401 Unauthorized’ error. Upon consulting with ZC documentation and support, a ZC requires an OAuth in the Header data of the webhook. I have set up the OAuth for my Square app in Zoho, and tested successfully in Postman.

My questions are:

  1. Is there any way to edit the Header data in the Square webhook, or to adjust the URL endpoint to include the required OAuth?
  2. Is there any way to add parameters to the URL endpoint so that the webhook body package gets input into a particular text field in my ZC app?

Note I have watched the Square Dev YouTube video ‘Sandbox 101: Implementing Webhooks’. According to this video it appears I need to create a little JavaScript app in AWS or Google Cloud Functions to receive the Square webhook, validate and send the 200 response?
I am hoping this is not the case, as I have zero experience with Java… I guess I would also need to code that JS app to then make an API call to my ZC app to send the Square webhook body data?

Sorry for the long post, but hopefully this also helps anyone else out there with similar questions.

Thanks for any assistance.

:wave: Currently there isn’t a way to edit the header data in the Square webhook nor is there the ability to add a parameter to the URL endpoint so that the webhook body package gets input into a particular text field in your app. Is this integration your using the supported Zoho partner integration?

As for the video you watched that is one way of implementing webhooks. There are other solutions but we currently don’t have an additional example. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your quick reply Bryan.
Thanks for confirming.
I am writing my own scripts for integration between my ZC app and Square (I’m not using the Zoho Flow integration option) - if this is what you were referring to?.