Webhook signature does not match if request.body.description contains long text with new line symbols

I build signature of url+request.body using instructions there

That works fine for some webhook events, but for other webhooks (for the same event/endpoint) I got a signature mismatch.

failed webhooks in “request.body.description” have a lot of new line symbols and spaces I think I need encode this description somehow, but I didn’t found info about that in docs.

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did anyone saw such behavior?

:wave: Is there additional information you can provide, e.g. code sample, language you used? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan, code is similar to JS code in the example, the same crypto module used.
Square API Webhooks: Validate Notifications
and even signature from test event from dashboard matched

Bryan, can you help with this?

Hi, could you provide us with a code sample?

where I can found webhook logs?

At this time logs for webhooks aren’t currently available. This is a very popular feature request and we hope to have more options for you soon, so thanks for your continued patience.

any ideas about signature checking?

We met the similar issue here. Some webhooks (the same event/endpoint) got signature mismatch. I’ve no clues.