Webhook Duplicates Issue

I’ve been having an issue that I brought up in another thread to @Bryan-Square in which I have duplicate webhook events on the Make platform (no actual duplicates on Square Webhook logs). Make support said that as they’re just on the receiving end, they don’t have control on the matter…that being the case, I’m trying to get to the bottom of this. Here’s an event ID that triggered duplicate webhook events on Make: 3bbcf9dd-ed72-3606-9dd8-f01b492a6863 (application ID is sq0idp-H0WvEPgT-OioqAXp_S1qlA). Below is a screenshot of what I’m seeing on Make.

So no duplicates on Square, but duplicates on Make. All of these instances have one thing in common: on Square logs, the triggered at and sent at timestamps are roughly 3-5 second apart. All other events that have the same timestamps do not have the duplicates on Make. Any idea on what could be causing the discrepancy in the timestamps, and more importantly, what could be the cause of the duplicates (on the Make end)?

Thank you!

We still have just one event logged that was sent from our webhooks service. If you create another subscription with webhooks.site and test again do you see duplicate events with that? If so what’s the event_id. If there’s only one event then you’ll want to reach out to Make to have them investigate why duplicate events are being shown. :slightly_smiling_face:

hey Brian, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve gone ahead and done just that and was not able to replicate the issue on webhooks.site (as below)

Seems telling which end the problem is occurring based on this, so I’ve reached out to Make again with the above info - thank you!

I only see one instance of the webhook event in the webhooks.site. Are their not two of them? :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re right - there’s only one instance of the webhook event in the webhooks.site. The problem seems to be happening only on the Make platform.

@Bryan-Square Hi there Bryan, so I reached out to Make since it was happening only on their platform, and this was their response:

'I checked this on our end and that’s happening because Square is sending multiple requests with the same info. This can sometimes happen because Make will occasionally delay scenario a bit when we’re processing too much data at once, and that will cause “impatient” external services to send the request again.

Unfortunately, we can’t do much to change the external service’s timeout to trigger this auto-retry, so the best you could do is something along these lines:

  1. Turn Sequential Processing on.
  2. Add a Data Store Search Records module right after the trigger to search for duplicates.
  3. Add a filter right after the Data Store module: if a duplicate is NOT found, add the current bundle data to the Data Store and continue with the normal scenario execution.

Step 3 will ensure that if the scenario runs again with identical data, it’ll stop immediately after the module added in step 2 since it’ll fail the filter condition set up in step 3.’

My question is regarding the timeout to trigger auto-retries - is there anything that can be done about this, or is there any further insight you can provide on this?

Thank you!

Our reties would show in the Webhook Logs if we sent a second event. We verified that a second event isn’t being triggered. You can test this by breaking the webhook.site URL in the webhook subscription. Once you trigger an event you’ll also see the reties in the logs to confirm. :slightly_smiling_face: