Single webhook event fired 2 times in the span of a few milliseconds


It happens quite frequently that my app receives 1 single webhook event 2 times in a row in the span of a few milliseconds.

I know about idempotency, and I also know that square will try fire again the webhook after a reasonable amount of time if it does not get a 200 back, but here it is different: I receive the initial event 2 times in a row in the span of a few milliseconds.

My app id is sq0idp-P0lN2wfKfFDEvXXupFMcNg


2023-10-26 10:58:20.903: af56340c-5e29-5a37-a190-e90f5d61a9dc booking.created
2023-10-26 10:58:20.911: af56340c-5e29-5a37-a190-e90f5d61a9dc booking.created

This is expected since webhooks can be sent more than once. You can bypass the processing of repeated notifications using the idempotency value included as the event_id field in the body of each event notification. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square, I’m sorry but I have to add a comment here because it’s the same issue we are having.

It makes no sense that Square webhooks notifications are sent at the same time for the same event because the 3rd party system has no time to log the notification and even less time to pull additional payloads with only milliseconds between. Without giving time to process a notification it’s impossible to have any comparison data to define if any other is a duplicate. And in addition, when sending different version notifications also at the same time makes no sense because when pulling payloads you will get always the latest version and never know what the older version had and got changed. So, this Square particular behavior is completely none sense.