Web payments SDK - where do i store the access token?

Trying to integrate this into my web app, but i can’t figure out where/how the access token for the SQUARE DEV account is supposed to go… downloading the sdk quickstart, it’s placed into an .env.sandbox file all by itself… am i supposed to up load all those files including that one to my server? alot of them looks like they’re for the local server setup… i don’t get why i had to setup a local server either … pls help :slight_smile:

:wave: The access token should be securely stored on your server for requests to our APIs as it is a secret. Our example uses a .env file which is a simple text configuration file for controlling your applications environment constants, between Local, Sandbox and Production environments. We definitely recommend having one on your server to protect your credentials.

The quickstart was setup for local server but you can definitely customize our use any of our other examples. :slightly_smiling_face: